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KakhANGST Doodles 12.09.20

[CW: Angst, nightmare, blood, dissociation]

Angsty Kakhan doodles done late at night.

Top left: Kakyoin has had yet another horrific nightmare and has woken up distressed and shaking in the middle of the night.

Top right: A panicked Kakyoin shouts desperately for help while holding a bleeding, unconscious Rohan.

Bottom/middle/whatever left: "I don't know" = "I hardly feel like I actually exist right now"

Bottom right: I headcanon that Rohan's whole "I AM THE GREATEST AND BEST" thing is largely a self-defence mechanism, and that when he is actually forced to self-reflect honestly, he often really doesn't like what he sees and can get quite down about it. Hehe oop

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