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Kakhan Doodle Page 12.09.20

Doodles done as a kind of 'palate cleanser' while I continued to fail to finish the one (1) Kakhan pic I had started since the 5-Year Kakhanniversary one. (I never did finish it...) Here I experimented with using both my 'cleaner' drawing style and my messier one with doodles, and I found that the 'cleaner' drawing style doesn't work as well other than with tiny doodles, since it needs poking at to get it to look alright.

The first picture is based on the idea of a Part 6-ish/post-Part 6 (with no you-know-what having happened) Kakhan starting up a travel vlog, since I imagine they both really enjoy going places together.

... TBH I rly love that lil dinky cruddy pic, let's blow it up

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