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Kakyoin's Breakdown 10.07.18

[CW: Trauma, depression, death, suicidal ideation]

One morning, Rohan is about to head out when, to his horror, he hears anguished wails coming from Kakyoin. He immediately rushes to him, and, finding him sobbing on the floor of their living room in a state of despair, wraps his arms around him.

When Kakyoin is finally able to speak, all that comes out of his mouth is a stream of hopelessness. After years upon years of trying to battle almost alone against the spectre of Dio that still haunts his mind, his stubborn determination has finally crumbled. "It's over," he says. "He's won." Convinced now that he is doomed to bring pain and death to his dearest loved ones, Kakyoin even wishes out loud that he had just died in Egypt. Hearing this makes Rohan's blood run cold; however, he swallows his terror at the grim implications of Kakyoin's uncharacteristically defeated words and tries his best to speak some sense back into him. Thankfully, he manages to get through to him somewhat, and Kakyoin is pulled back from the edge of total despair... for now?

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