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Jojos Ship Week 2021 | Day 1 | Pining 21.03.21

Rohan is sitting at a cafe, about to enjoy an unspecified hot beverage, when he sees Joseph, Kakyoin, and Jotaro walking by. Joseph's left hand is on Kakyoin's shoulder, and the two are laughing about something.

Rohan's focus lands squarely on Kakyoin, to the point where Joseph and Jotaro's features fade away.

Rohan blushes as that warm fuzzy feeling arises in his chest once again, but then he turns his head away, frowning. He lifts the cup he is holding, intending to get on and drink it so he can focus on that rather than on Kakyoin.

The drawing style switches to cutesy as the blushing Rohan is noticed by the group. ''Oh, isn't that Rohan?'' asks Joseph. Rohan sweats profusely and sips furiously at his unspecified hot beverage, angrily thinking, ''Don't bleeping notice me!!''

Kishibe Rohan does not want this crush. He hardly even knows this man, and it's not as if he's likely to ever return his feelings anyway.

Yet deep down inside, no matter how he fights it, he can't help but wish...

And he hates it.

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