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Jojos Ship Week 2021 | Day 3 | Domestic 17.03.21

After another day of hard work, Kakyoin unwinds with a video game. A very tired Rohan flops onto the sofa next to him, resting his head on his shoulder and quietly watching him play.

Rohan and Kakyoin sit together on a cream-coloured sofa with a Japanese shell brocade pattern and two orangey red and gold cushions. Kakyoin is wearing a very casual outfit: a greyish blue sweatshirt with charcoal-coloured trousers. Rohan, on the other hand, is wearing something overly fancy considering he's probably been indoors all day: a tunic with his beloved Mandarin collar that is brown on his right side, green on his left, with a burgundy brocade panel in the middle. He also has one large pen nib on each shoulder. He has paired this tunic with dark cream trousers. Both Rohan and Kakyoin are wearing indoor slippers; Rohan's slippers have a golden chequer on them, while Kakyoin's slippers have a blue and white houndstooth pattern on them. Kakyoin is playing on his PlayStation 2, and a visibly tired Rohan is resting his head on Kakyoin's shoulder.

An SD version of Kakhan sit on the sofa in the same position as before. Kakyoin says, 'Maybe you should go to bed already?' Rohan replies affectionately, 'No, I want to watch you play.' 'Okay,' says Kakyoin. Rohan continues watching quietly, but his tiredness soon gets the better of him and he falls asleep on Kakyoin's shoulder. Kakyoin notices and smiles.

Rohan hadn't been too interested in video games before he met Kakyoin, but when Kakyoin showed him more story-based games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, he soon became quite intrigued. Now Rohan enjoys watching Kakyoin play games. He even bought Kakyoin the PS2 he's playing here!

When Kakyoin has to wake up the still-sleeping Rohan once he's done playing, Rohan is deeply disappointed to realise he's gone and missed everything!

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