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Jojos Ship Week 2021 | Day 5 | Vacation 16.04.21

Rohan and Kakyoin are standing on a beach. Behind them is a bunch of buildings that took me absolutely forever to draw. The sky above them is blue with some clouds. The two are wearing summer clothing, with Rohan in a sleeveless waistcoat and Kakyoin wearing short sleeves, and they are shivering because whoops British weather LOL.

On their travels together, Kakyoin and Rohan have gone to Britain and they thought it'd be fun to visit the seaside!

... Except somehow they managed to forget that on a British beach, the weather too would be British.

They decide, therefore, to take shelter in a nearby café, where they have a nice time scarfing down some fish & chips 🍴

An SD version of Kakhan sit at a table inside a café. A salt shaker and a bottle of vinegar or tomato ketchup or whatever condiment brings you joy sit on the left side of the middle of the table. Rohan and Kakyoin each have a plate of fish and chips, and they look very happy as they munch on their delicious seaside treat.

For Jojos Ship Week on Twitter.

Inspired by that one time a Japanese student stayed with my family for a couple of weeks and we took her to the beach one day but the poor girl got really cold so we left 🥶

... I've always associated a bit of a chill with a day at the beach myself TBH LOL

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