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Diokak Week 2020 | Day 6 | Reverse!AU 30.07.20

[CW: NSFW, abuse, captivity]

In this timeline, Darkkyoin's the one with a little pet!

The well-mannered, quiet, and pretty Kakyoin Noriaki certainly does not strike most people he meets as being the sort who would seek to be the puppetmaster of the world - and that is precisely why he manages to get away with so much.

Meeting this merciless sadist while on holiday with family in Japan would be the worst thing ever to happen to Dio - well, other than all the hideous torments that would follow, anyway.

Adding to the torment is the sheer mindfuck of being showered with affection by Kakyoin once he's done playing about with him for the day. Bewilderingly, it seems Kakyoin has taken a liking to the poor lad...

For Diokak Week on Twitter. I had way too much fun drawing those Hierophant-esque tentacles ehehehe

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