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Diokak Week 2020 | Day 1 | Bondage 26.07.20

[CW: NSFW, abuse, captivity, allusions to non-con]

"Have you seen my little pet? Isn't he lovely!"

'Safe, sane, consensual': The concept eludes Dio.

Dio Brando is quite taken with his pretty little captive. One might even say he's a bit obsessed with him.

Under ordinary circumstances, Kakyoin Noriaki is proud, strong, and determined by nature. Now, however, he must suffer the sickening indignity of not only being forced into submission, but reduced to a mere toy by Dio.

In Dio's eyes, Kakyoin only gets lovelier the more helpless he is - and the more he screams and cries.

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I initially had trouble figuring out how to pose Dio in this, but when he ended up sitting like a cute girl in a bikini during a pin-up photoshoot, the juxtaposition with the horror of the situation cracked me the fuck up so I had to keep it LOL

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